GOP Establishment Kills Constitutional Carry Bill Amid Backlash From Conservatives

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Stickland/Phillips Exchange On The Texas House Floor

In an exchange between Rep. Stickland and HB910 author Rep. Larry Phillips (R-Sherman), it was made clear that Constitutional Carry is DEAD in Texas! Because Rep. Stickland and supporters of Constitutional Carry are not the “go along to get along” type, the Texas GOP establishment has deemed Freedom and Liberty dead on arrival in Texas until We The People patiently and politely wait for the political popularity of our cause to gain public support and our advocates learn to play nice. It was not just the words spoken by Rep. Phillips in his rebuttal to Stickland that evidenced the establishment position, but the flurry of applause that accompanied it. The Texas Senate has already refused to hold hearings on the Senate version of Constitutional Carry filed by Sen. Huffines and now the House has made clear that it is a non-starter there as well. It would seem that Texas Republicans have in large part forsaken the Legislative Priority for Constitution Carry in the 2015 session that was set forth in the Texas Republican Party Platform.

As Kansas joins the ranks of Constitutional Carry states, Maine has pending legislation for it with over half of the legislators signed on to the Bill, West Virginia has but to override a Governor’s veto to implement Constitutional Carry and several other states move to restore and protect the right to keep and bear arms, TEXAS continues to suppress gun rights led by the Texas GOP. Who’d a thunk it? Is the Licensed Open Carry Bill a step in the right direction or is Texas Open Carry: Much Ado About NOTHING?


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