We’re Right, They’re Wrong… PERIOD!

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Notice I didn’t say “They are democrats.”  No, this isn’t that simple. There are Democrats for democracy, and there are Republicans for democracy.  The farther away you get from being a “Constitutionalist,” the closer the two parties are.  When this occurs, all that is left is for the parties to squabble over “issues;” things that the government has no business being involved with in the first place.  They can’t debate the differences in their political viewpoints, because there really isn’t any, in order to sway uninformed voters to their cause.  Instead they buy their vote with promises to fix every bad decision their constituents ever made. Then they change their position based on which ever issue fancies the whim of the mob at the moment, and rely on polls to make decisions indeterminate from what is morally right.

We support term limits and limited government.  They support career politicians who spend more time worrying about their “legacy,” and focusing on expanding government; in order to turn what should be a short story into a novella.   We support freedom of individual choice and personal responsibility.  They mandate cradle-to-grave policies that create, enable and perpetuate dependency on the state.  We work for a living, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and dreaming of owning our own business; a business that grows where we can in turn provide a livelihood to a number of our peers. They deliberately misinterpret the role of government and look to it to supply them with a single lifelong job.

We believe in the INHERENT GOD GIVEN RIGHT to protect ourselves from a tyrannical and oppressive government, using WHATEVER weapons we deem appropriate to the task.  We embrace the responsibility of our own personal protection, as well as that of our family.  They reject any form of personal responsibility, relinquish all rights and assign total authority over their person to the state, relying on it for safety and trusting the state to look out for their welfare.  We know better.  We know the state cannot be trusted to limit it’s power.  We have the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and the experience of history to teach us and guide us forward.  “A government that is big enough to give you all you need, is big enough to take all you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson  

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