Freedom Once Lost Is Lost Forever: 2nd Amendment What’s Really on the Line?

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Losing the 2nd Amendment: What’s Really on the Line?

Getting my carry permit was a huge step in the right direction towards protecting myself and the ones I hold near and dear to my heart. Problem was, after that step, I froze. I didn’t want to commit to carrying a firearm. Am I ready? Have I had enough training? What holster would work best for me? There were all these questions in my head with no one other than myself to assist in answering them. My lack of confidence and lack of answers to these questions led to my not carrying on my person, but happily “car carrying.” That was fine. No problem, except the fact that so many things can happen outside of the car that you need to be prepared for. The grocery story, the gas station, and the bank are all likely places for something to happen with a bad guy whose sole intention is to hurt you and others.

What about being around people you trust? Besides leaving myself unprotected in 80% of my life by not carrying on my person, I didn’t realize it’s worth it to carry around people we trust. Why? While I’m sure you’re like me and imagine people won’t abuse your trust; I’ve learned that there’s always going to be a surprising someone who misuses your trust. A friend with ‘the best of intentions’ by offering a place for you to sleep doesn’t wake you up by removing your clothes… or do they? I hope you don’t have a friend like this, but I had one who did. The problem with trust is that you have to give it for someone to show you whether they’re trustworthy or not. Unfortunately for me, and many others, this isn’t an uncommon experience in today’s world.

So what’s really on the line for you, for me? Going through the experience of a dreadful event, memories of that event that you could have prevented, jumping three feet in the air after being unexpectedly toughed,, loss of sleep, lack of an appetite… these are just to name a few things that I have experienced since that life altering night. I previously wrote an article while I was car carrying about how the ‘what if’ is better asked before and not after an event. Well, I’ll admit, I didn’t ask, ‘what if?’ enough before hanging out with this person I called a friend, and I have been asking, ‘what if?’ ever since.

The situation could have played out differently if I was carrying on my person. It’s possible I could have defended myself the moment I woke up while my firearm was still within reach. What if my firearm was already out of reach? How else could I have prepared myself for a situation like this? I was unprepared in another way of not being capable of hand-to-hand self-defense. The ‘what if?’ now is something that I can dissect a million different ways, a million different times, but unpreparedness is the largest danger that we actually pose to ourselves before anyone with malicious intentions enters the picture.

When wondering whether you should carry on your person or not, ask yourself what’s on the line. Don’t just think of the events that could happen. Think about everything that will follow the event too. Everything is collective, and is the event plus reliving it for days, months, years later, really not worth the simple tasks of owning, training, and concealing a firearm? Or going out and training in hand-to-hand self-defense? From personal experience, yes it is. Who you are today is on the line, and I’ll never be the same person I was before. Now I’m older, more vigilant. Every moment is one I try to learn from. I carry my firearm every day on my person to assure my future safety and self-respect.


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