WV Gov. Tomblin May Veto Residents’ Constitutional Rights

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Senate Bill 347 (Firearms Act of 2015), effectively makes West Virginia a “Constitutional Carry” state. It removes the permit requirement for concealed carry and mirrors their already permitless open carry law. As of Saturday, March 14th, the Bill was sent to Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) for his signature. Gov. Tomblin may be a Democrat, but he does have an A rating from the NRA and recieved their official endorsement in 2011 while running against his Democratic challenger. That being said, he has been getting heat and pressure from the Anti-Gun groups, most notably the Bloomberg-backed anti-gun astroturf PR machines, to VETO this bill. Now it is up to the citizens of West Virginia to stand up, speak up and let Gov. Tomblin know that their Constitutional Rights are NOT for sale to the highest bidding, billionaire-backed, anti-gun propaganda peddlers. Only the POWER OF THE PEOPLE can overcome the politics, money and Public Relations firestorm aimed at Gov. Tomblin.

Monday, March 16th 2015, the people of West Virginia have the opportunity to reclaim a large portion of their Constitutional Rights that have been denied for far too long and join the handful of other states on the leading edge of this Constitutional revival. Make West Virginia the next Constitutional Carry state by calling Gov. Tomblin and letting him know You Want Your Rights Back, you’ve got HIS back and that your rights are not for sale. Tell him to SIGN 347 and SEND BLOOMBERG PACKING.

Contact Address:
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305

Office Telephone:
(304) 558-2000 or 1-888-438-2731

Governor’s Mansion:
(304) 558-3588

You can also submit comments to the Governor via his website: http://www.governor.wv.gov/Pages/contact.aspx

2015 is the Year Of We The People and West Virginians can and will prove that, right here and right NOW!


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